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Freshwater & Riparian Ecology

Marine Ecology

  • Fraser MW, Martin BC, Wong HL, Burns BP, Kendrick GA. Sulfide intrusion in a habitat forming seagrass can be predicted from the relative abundance of sulfur cycling genes in sediments. Science of the Total Environment. 2023; 864
  • Bayer PE, Fraser MW, Martin BC, Petereit J, Severn-Ellis A, Sinclair E, Batley J, Kendrick GA, Edwards D. Not all pathways are the same – unique adaptations to submerged environments emerge from comparative seagrass genomics. BioRxiv. 2022
  • Jung EMU, Cosgrove JJ, Martin BC, Bollen M, Kendrick GA, Fraser M. Seasonal links between metabolites and traditional seagrass metrics in the seagrass Halophila ovalis in an estuarine system. Ecological Indicators. 2022; 143
  • Martin BC, Middleton JA, Skrzypek G, Kendrick GA, Cosgrove J, Fraser M. Composition of seagrass root associated bacteria and heavy metal concentrations in an anthropogenically influenced estuary. Frontiers in Marine Science. 2022; 8, 1-15.
  • Scholtz VV, Martin BC, Meyer R, Schramm A, Fraser MW, Nielson LP,  Kendrick GA, Risgaard‐Petersen N, Burdorf LDW, Marshall IPG. Cable bacteria at oxygen-releasing roots of aquatic plants: a widespread and diverse plant-microbe association. New Phytologist. 2021; 232, 2138-2151.
  • Martin BC, Middleton JA, Fraser MW, Marshall IPG, Scholz VV, Hausl B, Schmidt H. Cutting out the middle clam: lucinid endosymbiotic bacteria are also associated with seagrass roots worldwide. ISME Journal. 2020; 14, 2901-2905.
  • Martin BC, Sanchez-Alarcon M, Gleeson D., Middleton JA, Fraser MW, Ryan MH, Holmer M, Kendrick GA, Kilminster K. Root microbiomes as indicators of seagrass health. FEMS Microbial Ecology. 2020; 96: 1-9.
  • Martin BC, Bougoure J, Ryan MH, Bennett WW, Colmer TD, Joyce NK, Olsen YS, Kendrick GA. Oxygen loss from seagrass roots coincides with colonisation of sulphide-oxidising cable bacteria and reduced sulphide stress. The ISME Journal. 2019; 13: 707-710.
  • Martin BC. Cutting out the middle clam. Behind the Paper, Nature Microbiology Community. 2020.
  • Phelps CM, Bernasconi R, Danks M, Gasol JM, Hopkins AJM, Jones J, Kavazos CRJ, Martin BM, Tarquinio F, Huggett M. Microbiomes of Western Australian marine environments, Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia. 2019; 101: 17-43.
  • Olsen YS, Fraser MW, Martin BC, Pomeroy A., Lowe R., Pedersen O., Kendrick GA. In situ oxygen dynamics in rhizomes of Posidonia sinuosa – impact of light, water column oxygen, current speed and wave velocity. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 2018; 590: 67-77.
  • Martin BC, Statton JS, Siebers AR, Grierson PF, Ryan MH, Kendrick GA. Colonizing tropical seagrasses increase root exudation under fluctuating and continuous low light. Limnology and Oceanography. 2017; 63: 381-391.

Aquaculture & Fisheries

Fauna Ecology

Remediation & Ecological Engineering

  • Gleeson DB, Martin BC, Lardner T, Ball AS, Grice K, Holman AI, Trolove A, Manix M, Tibbett M, Bending GD, Hilton S, Ryan MH. Natural attenuation of legacy hydrocarbon spills in pristine soils is feasible despite difficult environmental conditions in the monsoon tropics. Science of the Total Environment. 2021; 799, 1-10.
  • Martin BC, George SJ, Price CA, Shahsavari E, Ball AS, Tibbett M., Ryan MH. Citrate and malonate increase microbial activity and alter microbial community composition in uncontaminated and diesel-contaminated soil microcosms. SOIL. 2016; 2: 487-498
  • Martin BC, George SJ, Price CA, Ryan MH, Tibbett M. The role of root exuded low molecular weight organic anions in facilitating petroleum hydrocarbon degradation: Current knowledge and future directions. Science of the Total Environment. 2014; 472: 642-653.


  • D Minemba, BC Martin, MH Ryan, EJ Veneklaas, DB Gleeson. Phosphate fertiliser alters carboxylates and bacterial communities in sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) rhizosheaths. Plant and Soil. 2020; 454, 245-260.

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