We are a multidisciplinary collective of scientists, graphic designers and illustrators. This means that we speak your language (science). Together we have the capacity to interpret, conceptualise and visualise scientific concepts with ease.


Graphical abstracts & conceptual diagrams

Need a graphical abstract, or a conceptual diagram in your manuscript, white paper, report, grant or website?

We can work from a design idea you already have or interpret a design from scratch using your draft text (or just send us some papers to read 😉) – simple!

Digital and print ready publications

We can synthesise (text and data), design, illustrate and produce your digital and print publications (e.g. books, presentations, reports, fact sheets) with aesthetic but accurate details.

Branding & Marketing

Our science and design team can transform your work into a memorable brand with our range of branding options including logos, online presence (web design, social media content), digital and print marketing materials.

Animations & Videography

Our multidisciplinary team and collaborative network have capacity to provide all the parts required for an impactful moving picture, including; storey boards, illustration, animation, production, videography, editing, and sound design.

Get in touch to request samples of our animation work.


Graphical Abstracts, Conceptual Diagrams and Infographics

Branding and Marketing


See more of our photography on our Flickr

Data Visualisation

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