Data Analysis

We can help you analyse, interpret and visualise your data. Working with us will ensure you produce compelling figures that enable your audiences to clearly understand the results and implications of your research. See our Projects and Publications pages for what we have been working on.

What we can do for you…

Environmental and biological data analysis

Methods such as regression, variance analysis, mixed effects modelling, clustering, multivariate approaches, quality control and outlier detection can be developed and applied to a wide range of topics in environmental and biological research.

Genomic analysis

We can process, analyse and visualise your next-generation sequencing data for amplicon and shotgun based approaches.

Data visualisation

Using the tidyverse and ggplot2, we can transform your data into compelling graphics. Interactive plots and maps for your webpage are also an option we can explore with you.

Image analysis

Microscopy techniques are key to analyzing biological systems on various scales, from the structure of biomolecules, up to cells and whole organs. we can help to create an understanding of biological systems through deriving qualitative and quantitative information from optical microscopy and electron microscopy data.

Robust and reproducible workflow

We use R markdown for our statistical analysis. this ensures that our analysis is both robust and reproducible. these markdown files will be made available to you at the completion of the analysis.

Want more information?

To find out more about our data analysis service and capabilities, see our Projects and Publications. Also feel free to Contact Us!
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