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How we can help you…

Conceptual diagrams

Need a graphical abstract? Let us help you design and create powerful conceptual diagrams that enable your audience to quickly and easily grasp the core of your concept.


We can create illustrations where aesthetics and story-telling are the main goal. Including, botanical and microscopic drawings, logo design, and creative interpretations of concepts that cant be visualized using other methods.

Data analysis

We can help you analyse, interpret and visualise your data. Working with us will ensure you produce compelling figures that enable your audiences to clearly understand the results and implications of your research.

See our Projects and Publications pages for what we have been working on.

Figures for publication

Need figures spruced up for publication or presentations? We at Ooid Scientific will ensure the data you present tells a coherent, but comprehensive story.

Posters & presentations

We can help you produce compelling posters and infographics that will help audiences understand concepts quickly. We have produced multiple award winning posters and presentations.


Does your research group or project need a makeover? Our design team will work to transform your science into a memorable brand through the creation of beautiful logos and other marketing material (i.e., web design, pamphlets, posters, white papers).