Our Services

Graphical abstracts & conceptual diagrams

Need a graphical abstract, or a conceptual diagram in your manuscript, white paper, report or grant?

Our designs and illustrations have been published in high impact peer reviewed journals across multiple disciplines including; The ISME journal, Science of the Total Environment, Water Research, New Phytologist, Oikos, Environmental Microbiology, Marine Policy and Frontiers in Marine Science.

See our portfolio for published examples of our work.

Illustrations for text books and websites

Capture more readers with a well-designed book that isn’t just a collection of text and images; but is also a work of art.

Our designs and illustrations have been used in the upcoming soil quality ebooks 5 and 6 (released through Apple Books) and in the e-text book on urban soils to be released later in 2021

See our portfolio for published examples of our work.

Figures for Publication

Need figures spruced up for publication or presentations? We can create publication ready figures where aesthetics and accurate portrayal of data are the goal. We also have skills in GIS and creation of maps in R if spatial display is required. See our publications page for a list of our published articles.


Has all the field, lab work and teaching load left you no time for writing? Let us help you write winning grants and produce impactful reports in a compelling and visually appealing way.

To date, our team has collectively secured more than $1.5 million AUD for scientific research from various funding bodies including the Australian Research Council (ARC), The Fisheries Research and Development Program (FRDC), Philanthropic donors, State Government agencies and local councils.

We have published 17 peer-reviewed articles in high impact factor journals and 7 reports/white papers. We have been included on The Nature Index (Index of high-quality research outputs) for two calendar years for our research outputs. Our work has been collectively cited > 250 times.

See our Projects and Publications pages for what we have been working on.


Does your research group or project need a hand in making a more meaningful impact? Our design team will work to transform your science into a memorable brand through the creation of memorable logos and other marketing material (i.e., web design, pamphlets, posters, fact sheets).

Data analysis

We can help you analyse, interpret and visualise your data. Working with us will ensure you produce compelling figures that enable your audiences to clearly understand the results and implications of your research.

Our data analysis skills range from Environmental and biological data analysis, genomic analysis, data visualisation and image analysis. We do all of our analysis through R, which makes our analysis robust and reproducible.

See our Projects and Publications pages for what we have been working on.