How do we stand out from the rest? We are a multidisciplinary collective of scientists, graphic designers and illustrators.
This means that we speak your language (science) and have the creative skills to design contemporary products. Together we have the capacity to interpret, conceptualise and visualise scientific concepts with ease.

Graphical abstracts & conceptual diagrams

Need a graphical abstract, or a conceptual diagram in your manuscript, white paper, report, grant or website? Graphical abstracts and conceptual diagrams have become an important part of modern academic publishing and science communication. As well as grabbing the reader’s attention, they allow the reader to easily understand key results and complex topics.

Our collective of scientists and illustrators work together to synthesise (text and data), conceptualise, and design graphics that will make your work stand out from the crowd. We can work from a design idea you already have or interpret a design from scratch using your draft text (or just send us some papers to read 😉) – simple!

Our designs and illustrations have been published in high impact peer reviewed journals across multiple disciplines including; The ISME journal, Science of the Total Environment, Water Research, New Phytologist, Oikos, Environmental Microbiology, Marine Policy and Frontiers in Marine Science.

See our portfolio for published examples of our work.

Digital and print ready publications

We can synthesise (text and data), design, illustrate and produce your digital and print publications (e.g. books, presentations, reports, fact sheets) with aesthetic but accurate details.

We recently designed, illustrated and published the 42 page ‘OESTROGENIC SUBTERRANEAN CLOVER GUIDE‘ for Meat and Livestock Australia in collaboration with researchers from the University of Western Australia and the WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

You can also view more examples of digital and print publications on our portfolio page.

Branding & Marketing

Does your research group, project or business need a hand in making a more meaningful impact? Our science and design team can transform your work into a memorable brand with our range of branding options. From logos to your online presence (web design, social media content and management) to digital and print marketing materials (e.g., pamphlets, posters, fact sheets, business cards).

We are currently heading the social media campaign for Future Green Solutions (check out this work here).

Animations & Videography

Are words not quite getting your message across? We can work with you to design and produce captivating animations and videos that succinctly communicate key messages to your intended target audience/s.

Our multidisciplinary team and collaborative network have capacity to provide all the parts required for an impactful moving picture, including; storey boards, illustration, animation, production, videography, editing, and sound design.

Get in touch to request samples of our animation work.

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